Smoove lube Din nye favorit


Lang ydeevne

SMOOVE™ UNIVERSAL CHAIN LUBE er langtidsholdbar og kan klare de sværeste forhold.

Virker under alle forhold

Våd eller tør? SMOOVE™ er ekstrem holdbar og en smøring holder hele turen og mere til.

Effektiv beskyttelse af dine drivdele mod unødig slitage.

SMOOVE™ reducerer fiktion og giver dig de bedste forudsætninger for fart i cyklen.
SMOOVE™ er 100% biologisk nedbrydelig.


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Smoove make some bold claims about their Universal Chain Lube, and to be honest I was initially sceptical, having heard the same things before for just about every other lube, only to find very little left on my chain a few miles later. Wax lubes don’t tend to stand up to the moisture and abrasion of typical British conditions, so when I read Smoove’s invitation to give their lube “a thorough thrashing” in their paperwork, I rubbed my hands together. A couple of months later, and I take it all back.


Bad chain lube creates problems for your chain and headaches for you; good chain lube just makes your bike and your life better. Smoove is a good lube – it runs clean on the road and trail, doesn’t pick up much grit and it lasts for ages. It might not be the fastest lube but I’ve no need to count every last watt. For me, Smoove cuts down on the amount of time I need to spend cleaning bikes as, for the most part, it doesn’t punish me when I forget to do it or put it off for one more ride.

When a company claims to make ‘probably the hardest-wearing wax-based chain lube on the market,’ which ‘allows you to ride hundreds of miles between applications,’ I’d expect to see some results. Well, I did. I tried the Smoove Universal Chain Lube, and it’s true. Smoove’s owner/director, Thomas Dibley, made those claims in a nice covering letter he sent with a bottle of his product to HQ and asked us to ‘give Smoove a thorough thrashing’. We were happy to help.

Smoove lube

Du bliver ikke skuffet.
SMOOVE lube din cykels nye favorit.
  • Landevej, mountainbike, cykelcross og pendlercykel.

  • Op til 800 km på én smøring.

  • Op til 10 timer på én smøring.

6 simple trin til at ”SMOOVE” din kæde.

Trin 1 – Påfør SMOOVE på en ren og tør kæde.

Trin 2 – Påfør SMOOVE på indvendig side af kæden, imens du drejer rundt i pedalerne, så SMOOVE kommer helt ind i kæden.

Trin 3 – Lad SMOOVE tørre i mindst én time.

Trin 4 – Bedste resultat opnås, hvis du påfører SMOOVE dagen før din cykeltur.

Trin 5 – Tør ikke kæden af efter påføring.

Trin 6 – For meget SMOOVE kan sætte sig rundt ved kassette og pulleyhjul.